Warehouse Management System


Fast, accurate, flawless, smart!
The WMS suite consists of an integrated solution for the logistic operations management. The configurability of interfaces allows to reduce installation costs using only the necessary modules.
Each interface can be customized providing all the functionalities required, including the communication with field devices (printers, scanners, scales,etc.). Thanks to the modular framework, it is possible to enable the required components, reducing costs and making installation faster.

Once the operational flows are defined, which characterize the management of the goods, you can customize the available functionalities for each operational role. For each role you can enable only the necessary features and eliminate what could undermine the ergonomics and safety.

The use of Barcode, DataMatrix and RFID devices allow to operator to identify goods rapidly. Another benefit is to increasing the warehouse performance and to eliminate every kind of paper support, too.
The Esisoftware solution guarantees a highly reliable system based on virtualized and redundant technologies in order to minimize recovery time in the event of breakdown of production machines.


The reliable partner for the automated warehouse
The WMS package provides an integrated solution to manage all main flows of your goods. It could be grouped as follows:

  • Acceptance of materials;
  • Warehouse storage;
  • Creation of logistics plans (for production, shipping orders, etc.);
  • Picking/refilling operations;
  • Pallettizing and shipping management.

The perfect integration with SAP and other management systems allow you to avoid any possibility of error due to manual data input. Furthermore, these systems provide a faster working environment dedicated to the features of each logical area.



Interface with automation systems (stacker crane, AGV, shuttle, etc.)

Interface with ERP systems

Interface for tablet and smartphone

Interface modules with Pick To Light systems

Label printing module

Orders management

3D maps

Supervisory and diagnostic module

MMS (Material Management System)

Orders and dispatches

Radiofrequency module

Report Designer

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