Celli S.p.A. - WMS System Implementation

Celli S.p.A. became in a few decades the first company in Italy in the sector of beverage tapping systems and accessories and one of the main reference points in the world. Celli S.p.A. tapping products are exported to over 86 different countries around the world.
 Beer cooling, pre-mixing and post-mixing systems, columns, faucets and other accessories for beverage tapping are designed and manufactured in San Giovanni in Marignano, in a factory of 10,000 square meters that employs 150 people, in addition to subcontractors.

Requirement: Designing a great number of daily samples with a few operators

Solution: WMS System Implementation for automatic warehouse with pick to light solution

Warehouse Features:

  • 2 sizes of crates
  • 1 double fork stacker crane with the possibility to load up to 2 crates for each fork
  • 14,000  workstations managed by automatic warehouse
  • 4 picking bays composed by 16 gravity and motorised workstations
The warehouse supplies both production line and orders destinated to servicing


Esisoftware designed WMS Software and Supervisory System for the Celli S.p.A automatic warehouse. WMS ensures in-rushing and out-flowing materials from automatic warehouse.
The software incorporates instruments allowing to optimize the system efficiency of multi-fork stacker cranes. Each operator can manage up to 10 picking orders simultaneously. Gravity transhipment leads picked material from picker station to packaging point.
In addition, WMS manages:
  • Product inlet flow to automatic warehouse
  • Product outlet flow from automatic warehouse
  • Exchanging Data with management system and real-time management of production orders
  • Update of ABC Classification Product Rotation
  • Very efficient inventory system which allows this activity even during collecting product stage
  • Integrated Counting scales in each operation carried out in bay        


Automatic Warehouse introduction ensured extremely crucial benefits to the Celli S.p.A business:
  • Drastic reduction of operators engaged in the warehouse management (from 8 to 4 warehouse men whose 1 part-time worker)
  • Exponential increase in productivity, doubling the number of each picking item
  • Increase in warehouse reactivity in fulfilment orders (for customer at company’s plant)
  • Improvement of the order fulfilment security thanks both to Barcode reading confirmation and integrated counting scales in each operator point
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