Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition


Simple and intuitive equipment control
Esisoftware SCADA is the most reliable partner to meet the requirements of any kind of machinery, thanks to the experience on foaming machines, metal sheet working systems, thermoforming, climatic chambers, automatic testing, handling systems and storage.
The costant increase in even more complex automated machines has required uncomplicated and intuitive interfaces to guarantee a prompt displaying and reliable storage of information. SCADA works to transform your machinery into an under-control instrument by optimizing the equipment management and availability of real-time data and design of tailor made HMI interfaces which guarantee quick training of staff and a guided using.


Functionalities of SCADA Esisoftware
Each machine has its own set of setting parameters that characterize its configuration. By dedicated modules it is possible to set and manage machine parameters engaged in the production of various goods models and to set the production plans (also received from ERP) in accordance with Mix and Priority Criteria. The Plans production management allows to schedule the activity of the machine in order to guarantee a continuous cycle and to avoid production stoppage. It is possible to visualize the raised alarms, to create mailing list for sending notices in case of particular events and to manage manual commands of the machine. Detailed reports provide full visibility of production progress.

Control, analysis, optimization
Through the visualization of cyclograms it is possible to optimize the working phases and evaluate improvements in terms of performance. The possibility to assess and keep under control the energy consumption allows to monitoring the costs when the machinery is turned on but not in use. Each signal can be monitored to provide low level diagnostic tools. The management of different user levels guarantees access to critical functionalities only to qualified staff and thus allowing a secure usage to the operators. The integration with the OEE system and the scheduled maintenance gives a complete suite for the plant management.



Data exchange module wih PLC (Siemens, Ormon, Allen Bradley, Phoenix, Wago, ecc…)

Setting parameters and machine's recipes management

Set-up management

Alarms dispatcher module

Programmed maintenance

Module for energy consumption management

Production plans import from ERP systems

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