ABB S.p.A.- Implementation WMS System

ABB S.p.A. - Italy   is leader in energy and automation technologies. These technologies permit an improvement in utilities and industries performance with a lower environmental impact.
The group operates in over 100 countries and it employs about 150,000 employees. ABB employs approximately 6,000 people across several operational units distributed throughout Italy.
 It is subdivided into five divisions: Power Products, Power Systems, Discrete Automation and Motion, Low Voltage Products, Process Automation. The customers of ABB Italia range from utilities to manufacturing companies, from infrastructure to the ship-owners. ABB also produces in its manufacturing sites in Italy various products, including voltage transformers, medium voltage electric control panels, low voltage products, etc. which are exported all over the world.
 The factory of Dalmine (BG) designs and manufactures circuit breakers and medium voltage electric control panels for electricity distribution.

Requirement: Automate displacement of compartments during the finishing steps, testing and packaging

Solution: AGV System with Test Cell measurements

Warehouse features:

Panel and switches movements with medium voltage
  • 1 AGB mono fork
  • 3 different pallet siez with a maximum weight up to 1200 kg
  • 5 Test Cells with medium voltage with controlled access
  • RF System for the labour steps management


Esisoftware designed WMS software and Supervisory software for the AGV system to guarantee the labour steps management within the Executive Departments.
WMS regulates:
  • Inlet product flow from panels lines production
  • Automatic and semi-automatic displacement of test cells orders
  • Data Exchange with management system and real-time management of production orders
  • Product outlet flow from automatic warehouse


AGV introduction allowa to ABB to increase significantly the panel process security testing by:
  • The achievement of 5 test cells with controlled access for labour phase. The automatic panels displacement has allowed to destroy risks substantially in test area with high voltage. These risks come from the access to insicure zone. 
  • Timely tracing of working phases progress
  • Significant financial saving on the cost of panels movement
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