Eli Lilly S.p.A. - WMS System Implementation

Lilly is among the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies. Since its establishment, more than 135 years ago, the company has been committed to the discovery, development and marketing of innovative medicines worldwide. Currently, it has the pipeline with the highest number of molecules in the final stages of development since it was established. Lilly is among the top 5 companies within several crucial therapeutic areas for public health, including diabetes, oncology, neuroscience and veterinary. The Italian subsidiary's activity began about 50 years ago, the Italian office is located in Sesto Fiorentino (Florence). Currently, Lilly Italia achieved constant growth in its scientific, manufacturing and financial results, with a turnover in 2012 of 634 million Euros. The largest plant was built in Sesto Fiorentino for the production of biotechnology medicine in Italy, intended for the production of recombinant DNA insulin for European and non-European countries.

Requirement: Obtaining a high efficiency in the semi-finished product management for insuline production. The aim is to ensure the highest security preservation of the product

Solution: Implementation of WMS System for automatic warehouse engaged in pharmaceutical sector.

​Warehouse features:

  • 5 managed pallet size
  • 1 stacker crane with mono fork
  • 1500 workplaces managed by automatic warehouse in cold storage facility with airlock for the protection of product temperature (insulin)
  • 1 inlet bay and 1 outlet bay


Esisoftware launched WMS software and Supervisory software for ELI LILLY Srl automatic warehouse.
In addition it manages:
  • Product inlet flow in automatic warehouse
  • Data Exchange with the management syste and real-time management of production orders
  • Product outlet flow from automatic warehouse


Automatic warehouse introduction has assured to ELI LILLY business extremely crucial benefits:
  • ​Increasing product storage efficiency and density in pharma area
  • Ensuring traceability of each single product movement

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