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Smart Maintenance 01

The innovative solutions that thrust industrial production towards digitalisation also involve the maintenance phases. We can then speak about Smart Maintenance.

09 21 2017 Machine maintenance is undertaken at regular intervals, or in the case of malfunction.  Let us ask ourselves how much we would save if we had the chance of preventing a problem or a malfunction.  The answer is easy: a lot.

New digital technology offers the instruments to prevent the occurrence of malfunctions and to intervene quickly.  How? With the collection and analysis of data transmitted by the machines.  Specific sensors register the operations parameters in real time, parameters such as temperature, vibrations and energy consumption. Data collected allow optimising machine operations and to implement predictive maintenance by intervening before a malfunction occurs.

Smart Maintenance is the digital frontier that signals overcoming ordinary maintenance, such as we have known until now.  There are many different sectors of application. These go from the automotive sector to precision mechanics, from production to energy (oil and gas), all sectors in which maintenance operations have a significant impact on company balance sheets. Smart Maintenance allows an increase in productivity which can reach 25%, while the savings on maintenance costs can vary from 25% to 35%. And malfunctions? Reduced to -70%.

Digital technology is revolutionising industrial production and this concerns not only maintenance.

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