Indesit S.p.A. - TS (Traceability System)

Indesit S.p.A. is an industrial company which manufactures household appliances. In particular, dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, cook tops, ovens and hoods.
 It successfully operates in a sector where competition is extremely fierce. It stands out for the efficiency in its production processes.

Requirement: Offering an instrument to avoid assembly mistakes. In addition such instrument traces all the batches of the components engaged in recall campaings

Solution: Implementation of traceability system integrated with ERP and FIELD to manage data collecon of reporting and production lines

Warehouse features:

The customer was looking fot a system able to trace all the critical components installed along the assembly lines.
The system needed to comply with the following features:
  • Collecting data did not have to slow the production down and it did not have to require further human resources to support the process
  • Data ( Components Codes, Industrial Codes, Supplier Codes etc.) needed to be imported from ERP system (SAP) without the introduction of twofold management of such data
  • Research Interface needed to be available via browser, allowing to highlight immediately research finished products
  • System needed to be able to identify assembly problems in real-time


Esisoftware has designed the TS software aims at managing critical component of traceability.
Such software allows:
  • Declaring critical components declaration for each model 
  • Declaring components by a way of derogation+
  • Real-Time checking of component/product connection situated in BOM (Bills of Materials)
  • Real-Time validation of asembled components 
  • Automatic Data Collection about in coming and outgoing products from assembly line (BOL)
  • The Collection of Information about critical components used for RF devices (batch, supplier, assembly line etc.)
  • Viewing the critical component/production report
  • Research of finished products for Data Production, Production Line, Operator, Supplier, Batch, Data, Plant, Production line of critical component                            


  • If you have the chance to report the assembly incorrect components or belonging to unrealiable supplier in Real-Time by acoustic and visual signals. In this way you can identify the problem during the assembly phase, saving time and effort.
  • You have the possibility to launch hight targeted recall campaings of products, focusing just on products showing a real problem


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