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About us

About us

«If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.»
Lord Kelvin

Esisoftware was born from the desire to make evolve the IT approach of management solutions for industrial systems. The use of the best technologies, combined with a deep knowledge of production flows, makes Esisoftware an ideal business integrator to develop the most suitable solutions for your needs.
We help companies that are open to technological innovation to undertake a transformation process that is based on the principle of cognitive automation. We know that the company of the future is not that where robots replace people, but the one where a greater amount of contextualized information, reliable and just in time circulates. In this kind of context, personnel who knows and uses AIDC technologies improves operations remaining a central element in the industrial process, because the data available are an added value.
 We support entrepreneurs who want to computerize the operation flows of their company, to make them more dynamic and useful. Our approach does not only consist in custom designing software products but also in the presence of a team of professionals that can recommend the best solutions and provide an efficient pre-sales and after-sales service.

"For us, the tool is not the solution, but the best way to simplify the performance of your activities."

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