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The use of technologies for Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) were forecasted in various applications in the coming decades.
It opens to new and unexplored market opportunities for manufacturing sector. Indeed, the most avant-garde businesses have the opportunities to redefine their processes and their internal organization by laying the foundations for the fourth industrial revolution, as the experts have declared.
Our range of products including SCADA, MES and WMS is manufactured by using the Industrial Internet Of Thing (IIOT). It allows us to provide consulting and analysed services by sharing skills and knowledge with our clients. Its aim is to reach the customised design in this integrated ecosystem defining the Industry 4.0.



The Italian Industry is moving towards the widespread dissemination of the latest digital technologies in its production processes: from the Cyber-physical Systems to Internet of Things and Cloud Computing.
However, Smart manufacturing depends on new management approaches, aimed at exploiting the full potential of the new applications.
Companies have the opportunity to increase their own productivity by accessing the incentives that allow them to undertake their transformation into Smart Factory.       
Esisoftware is the suitable technological partner able to introduce digital equipment to companies' facilities and operations. In addition, it is also a partner which can provide all the technologies instruments to gain access to the incentives of the National Plan for Investment on Productivity and Innovation-Industry 4.0.: 
  • identifying the priority areas of the company where to reap the benefits offered by Industry 4.0
  • strategically analyzing strengths and weaknesses in operation management
  • mapping the opportunities available for improvement thanks to new technologies
All modules of our products are flexible and customizable. In this way, we are able to provide each customer with the needed applicative level to put in communication IT and OT. It permits the communication across all departments, from manufacturing to management by using basic platforms to manage complex processes and accelerate innovation.

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